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Mobile Dog Grooming Policies & Procedure



All pets must have a current Rabies vaccine and must be administered by a licensed veterinarian.  If not current this needs to be done 48 hrs. prior to your mobile grooming appointment. 

Matted Pets

IF brushing is possible we will attemp to brush out your pets coat, BUT if the matting is too tight/unbrushable for the safety of your pets skin he/she will be shaved.  Additional charges may occur. 

Cancellations Do Happen

Please allow a 24 hrs. notice when canceling your mobile grooming appointment. This will allow us to possibly refill your appointment slot.  Habitual cancellations could result in a bill for lost revenue and will need to be paid in full before scheduling next dog grooming appointment. A Cancellation Fee of $40 may be charged if not given 24 hrs. notice. 

No Shows

No show appointments may be billed for the appointment due to lost revenue and will need to be paid in full before scheduling next mobile dog grooming appointment.


Pricing is based by the breed of pet, condition of coat and size of pet.  Extra dematting/ scissoring fees may occur if needed. 

Safety is #1!

Please disclose any health issues, heart problems/diseases, seizures, allergies, arthritis, open wounds, sores/hot spots, stitches/staples, pregnancy....etc. Depending on the situation your pet may be declined mobile dog grooming services for their safety. 

At time of groom we will replace water used for the grooming of your pup via hose spigot off of your residence.  We do provide our own hose.